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Holistic Nutrition is using food & therapeutic practices to bring energy, strength & wellness into your life.

I offer one-on-one consultations both on the Mornington Peninsula at Plover Wellbeing as well as online. I specialise in GUT Health & Food Intolerances and my packages are designed to improve the way you feel physically and mentally with maximum support.

Things I can help with

At The Nutrition Effect, we will work ‘side by side’.  I will coach and inform you along the way so as you know exactly why we are incorporating or modifying nutritional protocols and actions.

  • Custom nutrition for Touring Artists & HNI’s
  • Corporate Health & Wellness
  • Detox collaborations
  • GYM challenges (BIA testing)
  • Digestive/ GUT health
  • Allergies, sensitivities and intolerances
  • Auto Immune conditions
  • Fatigue & chronic stress
  • Skin conditions
  • Brain fog
  • Supplement protocols
  • Flower Essence Therapy

  • Mental health support
  • Pathology testing

Food Intolerances

At The Nutrition Effect we use BioImpedance Analysis (BIA) equipment to determine an individual’s body composition; proportion of fat, muscle & bone. At the forefront of Sports Science, BIA provides key insight for sports performance, weight management and preventative health.

Historically the bathroom scales have been used to gauge a person’s health based on their total body weight.  The BIA is revolutionary in that the specific cellular data that is collected determines how the weight of a person is distributed around the body.

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The Nutrition Effect is based on the Mornington Peninsula in the wellness & lifestyle store, Plover Wellbeing & ALL consulting packages are available ONLINE. All other opportunities out side of this region are welcome & discussed as per application.


I’ve been seeing Melanie for over a year now and the progress I have made with my health since then has been incredible. I went to her seeking help to reduce my bloating but left knowing so much more about the inner workings of my body. I now know the certain foods that affect me and since cutting these from my diet my bloating has stopped, along with several other symptoms that I never knew were interrelated such as; my eczema has cleared, my digestion has improved and my fatigue has dissipated significantly. She helped me to understand just how much of an influence gut health can have on the rest of the body and this is why I believe the 8/12 week program would be invaluable to everyone who signs up. I would highly recommend as the ongoing support from Melanie would offer more opportunity for better health and allow you to gain a better understanding of your own body.


Hey Mel, I’ve been meaning to message you. We’re Really good. Over Jan was a bit hard with Sam with sugar. He’s alot better, hardly sniffs when he goes to sleep… Since Feb we’re a lot stricter. We found in January when he ate ice creams he’d be blocked up that night. So he’s definitely sensitive to it. And I’m heaps better in some of the areas, zero itchy face eyes, going to the toilet normal everyday. My hands have almost cleared up, I still have little break outs but 85% better. So I’m happy that I’m doing it. I’ll keep it all up. Not sure how many more weeks to go. I’ll have to have a look. I might do an extra few because of January. I miss eating chicken and bananas the most!


Day 1 of eating on the plan and no bloat.  Like, noticeably already. I’m going to Noosa next week for a wedding, so I had a dress for it arrive next week and I was worried because whenever I tried it on it was right around my stomach. Just tried it on then and it’s fine!  It’s actually never not bloated haha. Crazy


After we spoke, I cut the dairy out straight away, it’s almost been a week and she is a different kid. I can’t believe the difference already.

Thanks so much xx


Those hayfever probiotics are working (I’m having the immunity ones this week because of all the sickness) but I’m not having Nasonex anymore which is fab.  And dermatologically…all seems good too.  A massive thank you for all your help



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