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Connecting with a nutritionist will remove the burden – their expertise will ensure results are achieved in the shortest amount of time.


Prevention is the best solution for chronic disease & can be made easier & more achievable with commitment to good health and lifestyle practices in and out of the workplace.


Touring is arduous.  Long haul flights, jet lag, stress, pressure, late nights, toxin exposure, chaos & long periods of eating food on the run is depleting and unsustainable. 

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Holistic Nutrition is using food & therapeutic practices to bring energy, strength & wellness into your life.

I offer one-on-one consultations both on the Mornington Peninsula at Plover Wellbeing as well as online. I specialise in GUT Health & Food Intolerances and my packages are designed to improve the way you feel physically and mentally with maximum support.

How I can Help

At The Nutrition Effect, we will work ‘side by side’.  I will coach and inform you along the way so as you know exactly why we are incorporating or modifying nutritional protocols and actions.

Digestive/ GUT health

GYM challenges (BIA testing)

Auto Immune conditions

Fatigue & Chronic Stress


At The Nutrition Effect we use BioImpedance Analysis (BIA) equipment to determine an individual’s body composition; proportion of fat, muscle & bone. At the forefront of Sports Science, BIA provides key insight for sports performance, weight management and preventative health.

Historically the bathroom scales have been used to gauge a person’s health based on their total body weight.  The BIA is revolutionary in that the specific cellular data that is collected determines how the weight of a person is distributed around the body.

About Melanie Sinclair

Professional Food Coach

I am an accredited Holistic Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Nutritional Medicine.   I am wholehearted about all areas in which nutrition can be a powerful tool.  Over the years I have developed a special interest in GUT health, food intolerances & sensitivities.

With all of my consults I take the time to understand my client, their background and how they envision their health in the future. Together we formulate achievable short and long term goals that are individual, taking into account lifestyle, current health and nutritional status.

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The Nutrition Effect is based on the Mornington Peninsula in the wellness & lifestyle store, Plover Wellbeing & ALL consulting packages are available ONLINE. All other opportunities out side of this region are welcome & discussed as per application.


“Where do I start?!! Sleeping like a log, no brain fog, increased energy, no bloat and the best bit, whiter teeth!!!! (Thinking this is due to no red wine or coffee??) I’ve loved introducing new recipes into my repertoire and feeling part of a encouraging non judgemental closed group.” 

L. Helen

“I would highly recommend Melanie Sinclair as a guest speaker on nutrition and the benefits a healthy diet has on the body, mind and soul.  We had Mel talk to our staff as part of our Health and Wellbeing Program and the engagement from the team was very positive.”

Doug Smith

Managing Director, Crayola

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